Thursday, July 8, 2010

St. Croix Campground to Taylor's Falls

  • 62mi
  • 9.6AvS
  • 178mi total

I packed up early and wet. It didn't matter - I keep my tent components separate. The rainfly goes in a mesh bag strapped on top of a pannier, so it can shed some water on the road. The very first tent I bought for touring featured an attached rainfly. What was I thinking?

Tornado damage cleanup near Rock Creek.

I had a long, uneventful, but thoroughly pleasant day. Bright, sunny fields, quiet roads, a friendly white cat, and a quick pass through the Wild River State Park for lunch and a shower.

Prairie inside the State Park.

Cat of the day.

At 6:30pm I reached Taylor's falls. Instead of heading directly to Interstate State Park, which I am dearly fond of, I looked around the two riverside parks for a place to stealth camp. Both had signs prohibiting camping, but a bit further along I spotted a flat, grassy clearing between the road and river; clearly a boater's campsite, but empty for tonight.

A good place to stop for tea and buttered soba noodles.