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Note: This page is a bit messed up and will be fixed eventually. The information on the maps themselves may be incorrect, out of date, or just plain wrong. That'll always be the case, and I can't exactly keep track hundreds of free camping locations across the country. This is my personal resource, posted for the use of others. Please don't mistake it for a reliable guide, though I do try to keep it accurate.

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Paid campgrounds. Almost exclusively under $10. Rare exceptions, when deserving. Donation based or free campgrounds. These are official, often city or state owned, and include both primitive and modern campgrounds.
Free camping. Generally allowed, but unofficial. Locations tend to be plainly visible, so best to arrive late and leave early. Ask permission where applicable. Wild camping*. Dispersed camping where officially permitted, such as BLM or Forest Service land.
Stealth camping*. Spots I've stayed at, passed by, and am willing to share. Indoor accommodations. Backpacker hostels, bunkhouses, cabins. Nothing over $30, generally much cheaper.

*Nothing within this website is intended to condone or encourage willful trespassing, damage to private or public property, or any other colossal failures of judgment.