Thursday, April 7, 2011

Overnight to Sand Dunes II

Sand Dunes State Forest to Plymouth, MN
44mi, 7.1AvS(Constant headwind, okay?)

Woke up pretty damn sore, but the ride home felt nicer than the ride out. I suppose I always worry I'll reach an impassable road, I won't find a place to camp, ect, so now that the route was familiar and I was going home, I enjoyed it more. Oh, and it hit 68 degrees. That helped.

A trailhead and parking. I'd like to come back and explore this place more, but I didn't dare take more than a sort walk before starting back.

Tempting, but I was driven to keep moving by this point. Besides that, I brought enough food to get me there and back and did not want to spend a penny on more. I had some good ramen, a bag of cheerios, an orange, some slices of candied ginger, and three small loaves of camp bread(or damper, if you prefer).

At a plaza in Elk River. Spot the painted outhouse.

Some serious flooding along the Mississippi near Dayton.

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