Monday, May 2, 2011

Early Season Camping

I'm willing to admit that there really is something to this early season camping. Minnesota State Forest campground are still closed, and in this case, the main road into the forest itself was gated against motor vehicles. No bugs, no people, no worrying about who sees me digging up ramps or catching frogs.

At Birch Lake I camped on a hill over the boat launch, out of sight from the campground but close enough to walk down heat up some soup in a fire ring. It was cold, yes. There was a bit of snow after dark. I'm becoming much more tolerant of that, so long as I keep moving, and with a bottle of hot water and my new sleeping bag, it may as well have been a warm summer night.

Campground host site, still empty.

Out of sight, mostly.

A light to read under.

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