Monday, May 14, 2012

Nom nom nom

I went out looking for parts today. There are five bike shops in Moab, all but one on main street. Chili Pepper Bikes was first. These guys all do repairs on the spot and charge low for labour, but once my bike was on the stand the mechanic realized he didn't have the right brake pads. He did the rotor true and replaced the back brake cable for $5 + parts then let it down. Moab Cyclery had the neatest building, but still no brake pads that would work for me. Next up, Uranium bicycles - just what I needed, $20 a pair and $10 installation. Sure, I could do it myself, but it's nice not to. Some people get manicures, I get my bike worked on by a professional.

If I'd failed to find my part at Uranium, Poison Spider Bikes would have been my next stop. Check out the wall mural.

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