Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Breckenridge, CO

It's amazing how day after day, things just turn out. We roll into town in wind, cold, rain or dark, and we find a place to stay. Tonight it's staying at the Mountain River Lodge in Breckenridge. Dan, Ryan's uncle, made some calls and set it up for us. He also gave us a ride from Denver to Fairplay, drove my trailer to Breckenridge so I could actually enjoy Hoosier Pass a bit, and treated us all to a great dinner in town. Tonight we've got secure bike storage, a cozy room with a balcony looking over town, and a kitchen. There are indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a sauna, a steam room... Tomorrow we'll leave our gear up here and hang around town till the afternoon, then take a short ride into Dillon where a warmshowers host awaits. After that, though, it's time to get moving for real.

Heading out from Fairplay

Up ahead: Hoosier Pass.

At this point, I was actually feeling the elevation.

Promptly after this photo, it began to rain. My raingear was mostly in Dan's car. Oops.

Cold, wet, and now in Breckenridge.

Wet, dirty bike in the fancy lobby. No one seemed to mind, much.

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