Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dillon, CO

My bike computer went bonkers after being left near an automatic door sensor, so we'll just say today was around 15 miles. We spend most of the day at the hotel, enjoying the luxury of sitting around without freezing. There was an incident with a fire alarm somewhere in the hotel, resulting in us all being evacuated out into the cold while my pasta turned to glue in the pot. The arrival of a fire engine and several emergency vehicles was a bit worrying. It didn't seem too serious, though, as the firemen on scene looked about as casual and relaxed as one can possibly look in a fire suit and brandishing an axe. After a while they failed to find anything dangerous and let us back in.

I left at about 5pm, after checking out the town and hanging around a bookstore for a while. The weather was the new normal - gray, cold, rainy. The bike trail out of Frisco was smooth and shiny black in the rain, though, and the mountain colors a shade more intense. It was also just about entirely downhill. With the cold weather gear I had mailed to me in Denver, I was fairly comfortable through the ride.

The days are getting shorter quickly, now, and it was full dark while I rode to Dillon. The rain made it hard to see, the trail wound and twisted, and in the distance mountaintops vanished behind thick clouds. Now then then the sky would clear enough to see the lights of Dillon and Wildernest across the reservoir.

I met our Warmshowers host, Dan, at the end of the trail and we exchanged stories for a while, waiting for Ryan and Michelle, who had taken a wrong turn at Frisco. Eventually we all met up and he lead us to his home-for-now in a forest service compound, where good times and beer where had by all. More detail to be added later, I'm pretty much crashing.

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