Friday, December 2, 2011

I-8 Near Alpine - Back on the Road

I left San Diego this morning. I think I'm heading towards Slab City, then Death Valley. I'm hoping something along the way gives me some direction as to what comes next.

Big fancy Indian casino and outlet mall.

Oh yeah, it's that time of year....

Between the long climb and my own doubts, I wasn't having the best day. In Alpine, I stopped at a grocery store, and ended up talking to the Salvation Army Bellringer guy for a while. He'd lived on the move, hitchhiking, for 30 years. Tells me California is easy - there are so many hitchhikers here no one thinks much of people camping in odd places.

It's amazing how changeable my emotions become when I'm riding. Talking to this man put me in good spirits for hours, and I'm really grateful he was there. I took his advice and camped right off the side of Interstate 8. I had flat ground and a beautiful view of a canyon below. Unfortunately, it was only 5pm...

Scenic interstate ride? It happens.

Tucked in for the night.

I think I've found my nemesis. It's not hills(Though I'm THIS fed up with mountains right now), or headwinds - it's these damn short days. Maybe it'll be better once I get out of the elevation and it's warmer at night. Right now, I can't do anything from 5pm until 9am. It's ust too cold to be out of a sleeping bag. I miss having an internet connection, too. I'm starting to see the value in smartphones... Anyway, I tried to read, got a headache, called home and complained for a few hours, until I felt ready to sleep. Thanks mom, for putting up with me.

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