Thursday, November 10, 2011

A word about Portland

Portland. It's classy, guys. No, not really classy in the classic sense; No snobbish refinement could I find. My four days of Portland experience tell me it's a very open, fun, accepting city. Eventually I want to see Portland at it's bikey best, because November weather seems to be cutting down the cyclist pack right now. I ridden much, either. It is cold, after all, and being from Minnesota doesn't actually make me any more tolerant of weather.

What I did get to experience in full glory where the Portland food carts. I had no idea what a treat I was in for. Have some more info, here. On 10th and Alder, an entire city block is ringed in colorful carts offering food from all corners of the world. I ran across two other 'hubs', each with an additional 10 carts or so. On top of that, smaller, more mobile stands occupy sidewalks and parks.

I could happily settle into the daily routine of walking down to the food carts every day for breakfast(Banana-honey-pecan belgian waffles!), lunch(The best sushi rice I've ever eaten. Or maybe a bulgogi taco?), and dinner(Never did get a chance to try the Saimin). As it was, my time and funds where limited, but I hope I'll have another chance! Here is hoping for similar offerings in California.

Food street!

So maybe the fish wasn't the best here, but the rice was amazing. Perfectly soft, sticky and fluffy.

Best taco ever, with a price tag of $1.25. Viva Portland!

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