Friday, November 18, 2011

Catching Up

Instead of haphazardly trying to inserts posts here and there as inspiration strikes(it doesn't often), I've started on a bigger project: Starting from back in August, I'm trying to piece together events from photos and memory, and write convincing journal entries.

I got a good start today, but it's hard to get done. It's not just that I'm a poor writing, or that I don't usually enjoy writing... see, it just doesn't take long for recent events to feel long since done and finished. I'm already stricken by nostalgia. Writing about hot, slow days and warm nights in Kansas makes me remember how good I had it before things started getting cold, wet, and harried. I miss tying up my hammock under picnic shelters and listening to Ryan and Alex on their guitars. I miss thunderstorms, little prairie towns, and coyotes. I think I need to get back on the road again, soon.

New/old entries written/edited today:
Aug 21st Chanute, KS
Aug 22nd Eureka, KS
Aug 27th Larned, KS
Aug 28th Ness City, KS
Aug 29th Scott City, KS
Aug 30th Sheridan Lake, CO

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