Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Again, with more class.

This is me tooling around with image options. I'd like the embedded Picasa slideshow a lot more if it didn't come up with the picture covered by the play-button graphic. Other options present a better effect, but none I can see spending time on the road configuring. This is especially the case with Adobe Lightroom galleries - not an option on the netbook I'll be taking around.

Trying to find a layout that will work for me without looking too cut and paste is frustrating work. Blogger is proving to be much more cooperative than Wordpress, but still has some annoying limitations. So far as I can tell, I can't edit the layout in individual pages - I'm stuck with it looking the same as the blog pages. Have I mentioned I detest the word 'blog'? Ung.

Maybe eventually I'll learn enough CSS editing skills to get around this, but I have bigger things to focus on now.

In the meantime, enjoy some workshop cats. Unlike the word 'blog' and Picasa slideshows, cats and Lightroom are a joy.

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