Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ahead of myself

I tend to have a hard time planning. I enjoy it, especially when bicycle touring is what the planning resolves around.

It only becomes a problem when I'm planning too far in advance. I go into great detail, until the event being planned for seems further and further from reality. It breaks up into too many pieces, each individual project considered in obsessive detail, but forgotten as I move on to the next. By the time I'd learned the difference between GSM and CDMA technology, and found a plan + phone that would work for me, I'd half forgotten which concessionaire companies to avoid when I look for seasonal work. My actual route planning has dropped by wayside since I working on this blog.

Sometimes this all seems to be so much that I lose my perspective on rather or not I actually still want to do this, or if I'm just in love with the planning. Working on my campground map reminds me that I do. Every placemark is somewhere I want to see, eventually, and I feel the missing excitement again.

That being said, the map page is now online.

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