Tuesday, December 21, 2010

St. Croix Fire Tower

Soon, I'll be re-posting my previous tour entries. When I do, I'll do it properly and try to improve upon the writing somewhat. The paragraphs will still likely be broken up in ways that make no sense, but they should be easier to read.

Whenever I decide to go back and re-edit those posts, I'll need to devote the time to do it properly. For now I'm putting it off in favour of running three years worth of pictures through Adobe Lightroom. After a day it's spoiled me, and I realize how washed out and in need of tampering all of my photos are. As I learn more, I'll likely see the pictures I am posting now as being too shadowy and grainy, but for now I like them.

Fire tower in St. Croix State Park, on a rainy September day.

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