Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm in Colorado! - Sheridan Lake, CO

The last day of riding in Kansas was typical-pleasant. Hot, dry, blue skies, flat land. I rode alone all day, reflecting on my experiences in Kansas. The entire projection of my journey changed here - my first day in the state I met Ryan and Michelle by happy chance. We don't ride together, and we probably won't always end up in the same place every night, but we're a group none the less. Because of them I've connected moreso with others we've met along the way. Alex is still with us, with his quiet intensity, openness, and guitar music at night. His path diverges at Pueblo, but it looks like we're a party of four until then!

I reached the border itself right before sunset. The Colorado state sign is a landmark in and of itself. Michelle and Ryan caught up with me there, and took a bunch of goofy pictures of us climbing on it. We rode away from one last beautiful Kansas sunset into... a Colorado sunset! That night, we all eventually met up in Sheridan Lake, where a church allows cyclists to spend the night. We all pitched in for a spaghetti dinner, and slept on the carpet as it began to rain outside.

Moving at an average speed of 7mph, time zones seem a bit silly unless I'm a few days past the sign. There just isn't enough of a -difference- yet.

Thank you Kansas. Hello Colorado....

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