Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rest Day in Nauvoo

Met a fellow in camp this morning - Dan, owner of, who gave me one of his nifty ultralight stoves. Most of my 'cooking' on the Trangia, so far, consists of heating water. If this doo-dad does the job as well, I think I might send the Trangia home or give it away. For now, I'll hang onto both. We talked for a while - he has an interest in prairie plants and a passion for archeology, and suggested that I see Cahokia before leaving the area.

The rest of the day, I spent in the Nauvoo library, catching up on journal entries and uploading pictures. When the library closed, I moved to an alley seating area next door and continued until dusk. I registered with and set myself up with a host in Chesterfield, near the Katy trail. I send out emails to some of the people I met during, and before Ragbrai. I didn't get entirely caught up, but it was enough. I packed up my laptop, ordered some breadsticks at the gas station, and wandered around town a bit.

Nauvoo is definiately a tourist town. Even at dusk, groups and families where wandering from giftshop to giftshop. Brick and stone buildings lined mainstreet, with bright flowers in window boxes and planters. I'd not been in a town like that since leaving Lanesboro, and it was nice to see so many people out and about. Only one thing soured my evening - my moderately painful calf, rather then heal, seemed to be even worse off for having rested all day. As I was hobbling back towards camp, a lady stopped to give me a ride the remaining half mile. Amazing how someone or other always comes by at just the right time...

Ultralight alcohol stove.

The Mormon temple is a major landmark in Nauvoo. It's an old structure, but up close it looks like it just fell from heaven yesterday, with its flawless marble walls.

A statue of the builders of the Temple, on a high hill with the Mississippi visible in the distance.

The temple at night.

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