Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rest Day in Tebbets, MO

Visitors are only supposed to spend one night in the shelter, but there is no one else around, and I really wanted a day to just enjoy having a roof over my head. It's a very old building, all creaky wood floors and narrow steps. The sounds and the feel of the air remind me of my Grandfather's home where I spent so much time.

I spent most of the day writing journal entries to be updated next time I find a WiFi connection, sorting through photos, and trying to coax the neighbors cat over. I washed my clothes and hung them over the balcony to dry. I ate almost continuously throughout the day. At one point I walked around town a bit, which is tiny with little but a small park, a bar(which was open last night, but closed today), a church, and a little grassy square where the mailboxes are lined up.

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