Sunday, July 17, 2011

First day out - To Harmony

Basically the first day. Hotter than horsepiss, 110 heat index, hiding down in a basement with my troublesome new laptop. Can't decide rather to ride in the heat now or the storms later.

Note from the future: Two weeks and then some have flown by. If I try to actually write posts for all this time, I'll probably be behind for two more weeks. So, for now - pictures! By the way, I did decide to move along, and had a decent time of it despite the heat. Even on the first day, I didn't follow my planned route, and camped in a shelter near Harmony, MN.

Note from far in the future: That night near Harmony turned out to be one of the worst from Minnesota to the west coast. There was no water source, so I could not wash, and the air was thick with sticky, hazy humidity. I suspect it never fell under 90 degrees all night. I hung in my hammock listening to the whine of mosquitoes and gagging on my own sweaty stink. Really, seriously - it was not pretty.

Last night in Lanesboro.

Down the Harmony-Preston Valley Trail.

Tumbledown house along the trail.

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