Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wesley, IA


Another scorcher of a day, with high humidity and absolutely no shade or cloud cover. I made it to harlontown, and just about collapsed into the surprisingly pretty little town park there. A nice old man I talked to at the library brought me a plate of grapes, apples, snickers and cookies. Funny thing, I never much liked apples or grapes, but these where delicious.

I stayed in the park, eating and reading, until about 7pm. Even by the time the sun set, it was boiling out. I rode until 3am to reach Wesley, by which point I was wondering if I'd wake up on the roadside wondering how I managed to fall asleep pedaling. There was almost no traffic, just hundreds of red lights blinking in unison, atop windmills all across the horizon.

Flat Iowa highway.

Wonder where it went....

Neat slide in the Harlontown park.


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