Monday, July 18, 2011

Shooting Star Trail - Adams, MN


Slept in a trail shelter a few miles out from Harmony. The humidity persisted all night, and a nasty headwind kept up through most of the day. The heat index is up around 105-110 again, and should continue as such for at least a week. A lady who had seen me on the road was waiting for me in LeRoy with a cold water bottle, and after a rest in the park, I ran into a man training for Ragbrai, who showed me the way to the trailhead.

Over the past months I've been gathering a database of free campgrounds across the country. In the midwest, most of these come in the fom of small town parks where camping is allowed with few amenities. The first of these I plan to reach tonight in Adams.

Early morning ride into harmony.

Makeshift showering and clothes-washing at the Harmony RV Park.

Ya don't say....


Compass plants along the Shooting Star Trail.

A profusion of wildflowers.

The first sighting of a great many windmills.

Home for the night in Adams Community Park. The Campground was a bit further back, but I was too lazy to find it.

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