Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Into Iowa - Halverson Park


Even hotter today. Woke up to the smell of urine. I think something peed out of a tree onto my bike - the saddle stinks, and it wasn't me.

A chance encounter, yesterday, with a very kind and insightful couple altered my route and helped me decided to ride into Iowa today instead of riding along in Minnesota for a few more days. As I crossed the Minnesota-Iowa state line, NOAA buzzed out 'Heat index 120. Stay indoors and avoid activity'. Not too likely. I reached St. Ansgar, battered stupid by the sun, and got directions to the nearest county park. It turned out to be down a very, very steep hill. This'll be nasty in the morning.

Lots of Chicory on the roadsides out here.

No flashy sign to welcome me into Iowa, so this will have to do.

Here I am, laying under my bike under a spare bit of shade on the roadside.

Home for the night in Halverson County Park.

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