Friday, July 22, 2011

Frog legs in Rolfe, IA


Took my sweet time leaving West Bend. As per the recent norm, it was hot. I might have stayed another night, but this nice little campground had more than it's fair share of gnats, and a few more miles now would make the next two days easier.

Where West Bend had a surplus of gnats, the small park I stayed at in Rolfe was overrun by bullfrogs. I'd never actually heard a bullfrog before, and some confusion ensued until I spotted the massive frogs all around the pond. With so many, I can only hope the fine folks of Rolfe, Iowa, don't miss the one I ate. It was surprisingly easy to catch one in the dark with a bright light. I've never actually killed and eaten anything but fish before, so I'm a bit proud of myself. The legs where gigantic, and I cooked them in butter and salt. It took forever because I could only maintain a weak fire with damp wood in a grill, but it was pretty tasty when at done.

Storm clouds heading out of West Bend. With the heat, some rain would have been welcome, but they never reached me.

Sunrise Ridge Park in Rolfe, IA

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