Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missoula, MT

Missoula at last! I've been looking forward to reaching Missoula, home of the ACA headquarters, since I decided to get on the TransAm. So far it's up to expectations - a fun, funky little city with a lot of bikes on the road, neat shops, and a cool atmosphere. It also contains what may well be the best resupply stop on this trip yet; The Good Food Store, which has the largest and most diverse bulk food department I've ever laid eyes on. It's uncommonly inexpensive. All this adds up to a huge, bulging trailer-load of goodies and it will be interesting to see how I score on the bike weigh-in tomorrow...

Many thanks go to Julie and Ron, our gracious hosts. I admit I was a bit nervous when I walked in on a room full of cheeseheads watching a Packers game. Thanks for not running me out of town when I revealed my home state =P

The next day, the three of us where invited to have portaits taken of us and out bikes. Maybe someday a passing cyclists will post in front of utility box with my bike printed on it!

Close up of the bikey utility box

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