Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ochoco Pass, OR

Another short day of climbing. I picked up some snacks and stove fuel in Mitchell, and left nice and early. Well, early considering it takes half the day to warm up, now...

These Oregon mountains are rough. Colorado has all the fame for elevation, but really it wasn't that much climbing. Once you get up one mountain, you don't go down until you're nearly into Wyoming. The nasty climbs where all over in a few miles. Now, however, I'm hitting the 15+ mile climbs. With the U-haul, anything over a 4% grade feels awful, so it's been slow going.

It was dusk when I hit the top of the Ochoco pass, and already the temperature was down to 39 degrees. Too cold for the long descent. I found the first likely pull off, still in national forest land, and set up camp before my hands froze. Previous visitors had left a huge mound of firewood, so for once I had a massive blazing fire.

Camped in plain view on National Forest Land. The road is an unpaved forest service road, with very little use. Maybe three cars drove out during the night.

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