Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mitchell, OR

I've not had a real breakfast for a while, but this morning I had plenty of time while waiting for my bike to de-frost. I really did not want to ride a frosty bike... Barbie the dog gave me an enthusiastic farewell when the time came.

Today involved lots of climbing. None of it was really marked on my map. At least now I HAVE a map. The days are so short a long climb takes up most of daylight for me, now. Oddly, though, when I reached the top, in full dark, it was comfortable out. 48 degrees, and no wind. It felt much warmer. The five miles of steep downhill was nervewracking for the condition of my brakes in the dark, but at least I was not frozen through by the end of it.

I caught up to Ryan and Michelle in the tiny, old fashioned town of Mitchell. Their tent was lit and and flashing with colors - watching a movie inside a small tent looks funny from the outside. I almost didn't set my tent up, but rain was a concern and the picnic shelter didn't provide enough shelter without moving the table and sleeping in the center of it. The table, of course, was loaded with gear food and bikes. Who knows how cold it could still get, anyway.

Really neat canyon in the John Day Fossil Beds

Did I climb it? No, but I wish I had, now. Some of those shoes where perfectly serviceable! Really, who would miss a pair...

Michell City Park, photo taken the next morning.

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