Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Visit to the ACA Headquarters

My last day in the wonderful bikey city of Missoula. We all packed up today, with the intention of a reasonably timed stop back at the ACA headquarters. A few more photos for me, an interview for my friends, and bike weigh-ins for all. We had our pictures taken for the 2011 wall of visiting cyclists yesterday.

Greg Siple, co-founder and art director of the Adventure Cycling associated, brought us out back to strap our laden bikes up onto an improbably looking hanging scale. It worked better than it looked, though getting my trailer onto it was a first. The results? 120 pounds each for Ryan and Michelle. My own bike, well supplied with food but free of water-weight, came to 150 pounds. Frame weight included, it was divided pretty evenly between the bike and trailer.

After the weigh-ins, Greg Siple was ushered back into a quiet room for interviewing. I wandered around the building a bit longer, scanned the photo-boards, took more pictures, and eventually left around mid afternoon. I didn't make it far, and camped near a historical display about 15 miles out of Missoula, but then again my goal was just to get out of Missoula before I started dropping roots. It was that neat of a city - too bad it's so far north.

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