Friday, October 28, 2011

Sisters, OR

It was a nice, peaceful, warm ride to Sister, OR. I've joked that every TransAm journal has a Sisters entry - it's pretty much true. It's the last stop before the famed Mckenzie Pass, and no one wants to start that climb late in the day.

I picked up some supplies along the way in Prineville, where I discovered Grocery Outlet. It's a chain of stores specializing in other chain store's refuse. You know - old packaging, crushed crackers, ect. It was not as cheap as the place in Rawlins, WY, but it had a lot more stuff. I think they're just in Oregon. Now I have all kinds of new food to look forward to eating! I'm serious. It's a huge pick-me-up during the day to know I'll have tasty food when I settle in for the night.

The Thee Sisters and the other mountains nearby where something I've not really seen yet - just a mountain, on it's own, visible from head to foot, snowcapped and huge. The mountain range I'll be crossing tomorrow was clearly visible, too. Thick clouds piled up behind it. These, like watery waves, visible spilled over the peaks before breaking up. The clouds that made it over the range clearly held the shape of these peaks.

Ryan, Michelle and I stayed with warmshowers hosts Steve and Karen. They made us an excellent dinner, and we where able to wash ourselves and our clothing. I briefly considered getting some new brake pads at the store in town, but decided to put it off again. There aren't that many more long descents, right?

Is it a cloud or a mountain?

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