Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Updates about updates

For the foreseeable future, most of my updates on the road will be done as google maps placemarks. The main reason for this change being that I dislike writing traditional journal entries. I dislike it on a normal day, and after a day of riding, faced with the choices of eat, drink, sleep, or write... well, the lack of recent updates says enough. Colorful little comments pinned to a map are quite a bit more interesting, and easier to do on the run. I hope the map format will be a bit more interesting to read, as well!

So why even continue to use blogspot? I'm not -done- blogging, I'm just not planning on putting out daily entries about when I woke up, how many miles I rode, where I ate, ect. Without the strain of updating on day-to-day events, I can hopefully focus on writing about special events, gear reviews, and such.

Why does so-and-so not work/look funny? I decided that putting something up was higher priority than making sure everything works and makes sense. Pictures will be added as I have time for it. Blank spaces will turn into names as I track down all the bits and scraps of paper with contact names. If you are someone I've met along the way, and you see no mention of yourself, that probably means I washed my pants with a note in my pocket. Send me an email - I'm probably trying to remember your name!

Where did this idea come from? Check it out. I had considered doing something like this from the beginning, but it seemed like a much better idea once I saw it done by someone else...

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