Friday, October 7, 2011

Snow on the Pass

Snow finally caught up. Through most of Colorado, it felt a day away, but never actually fell. Wyoming was high summer again. Now, after a warm sunny time in Yellowstone, it's getting cold again. This morning in Wisdom I was glad for the solid shelter at the free campground. Outside there was a dusting of snow on the hills, but nothing down around town or on the road. Thirty-some miles later, it looked like this:

The haul up wasn't bad. It was cold, but the climbing kept me warm. Handfulls of snow where wonderfully refreshing. The ride down got nasty - much longer, and steeper on the west side. I descending past the snow, through a raincloud, came out soaking wet into the rain. Didn't get far after that - I ran into four other cyclists at the Sula lodge and we spent the night camped there, after warming up in the store and laundry room. I lost their info, but one of these days I'll find them online and post a link. Great group, fun people. If you guys are reading this, leave me a comment please!

Leaving the American Legion Campground.

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